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Using the Word ‘Sihr/ Magic’ as a Brand Name

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Answered by Imam Mazhar Mahmood



I plan on investing in a clothing line. My partners and I were planning on naming our line of clothing siḥr (magic). Would this be permissible?



We thank you for contacting Mathabah for your query. We ask Allāh Almighty to bless your endeavors and the line of business you are pursuing

The word “سحر” siḥr is not just limited to being used for magic or even black magic. It has not always been used in a negative context.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #10: Inspirations At Okanagan Lake

Imam Mazhar Mahmood renders inspirational points at a Kelowna Lake.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #9: Thankfulness

Imam Mazhar Mahmood speaks about the profound quality of thankfulness. He also highlights the importance of helping the less fortunate.

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Tilāwah; Truly Immerce with the Qur’ān

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by Imam Mazhar Mahmood

Just as Muslims are encouraged to abide by the pristine commands of Allāh Almighty in the Qur’ān, they are also encouraged to recite and understand the book of Allāh to the best of their abilities.

Many a times, we find ourselves in a situation, where we engage with the book of the Almighty sporadically; An on and off basis, or perhaps Friday to Friday or even Ramadān to Ramadān.

Allāh’s Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) was not only commanded to teach the Qur’ān to his Ummah. He had also been emphatically commanded to recite this divine scripture of the Almighty.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #7: Welcoming #SyrianRefugees To Kamloops

Imam Mazhar Mahmood makes a Snapchat message which encompasses the welcoming of the first Syrian Refugees to Kamloops, a brief discussion about some of the Prophets who were refugees, the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him), and the due responsibilities a community has to take upon itself in providing support to new comers to their land.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #6: Trip To Vernon, BC

Imam Mazhar Mahmood shares his encounters in Vernon, British Colombia, introduces some very special people and presents a brief glimpse of an event facilitated in Vernon.

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Imam Mazhar|One Love Gala|#OneLove16

Inviting you to the 4th Annual One Love Gala to show love to prison chaplains and reintegrated inmates in Toronto.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #5: Travelling

Imam Mazhar briefly discusses aspects which relate to traveling in a modern day context.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #4: #MakeADifference

Imam Mazhar Mahmood renders a brief Snapchat message about the importance executing productivity, rather than marveling upon the achievements of others and limiting one’s self.

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Imam Mazhar| Snapchat Message #3: Mountains Remind

Imam Mazhar Mahmood renders a brief reminder regarding how the mountains, magnificent creations of the Almighty remind humanity about their abode.


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