A Portrait of Peace and Unity in Islam

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A Portrait of Peace and Unity in Islam

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By: Abdul Rahmān bin Tawhīd

( Grade 9 student, Kamloops Islamic Association)

Unity is strength. When grains of sand unite, they become a vast desert. When little water  droplets unite, they become a boundless ocean. According to many definitions, the words peace and unity are defined as freedom when joined together as a whole.

But in Islam, there is a much more profound and broad meaning. The unity of Muslims among other Muslims, coupled with the unity with other faiths, creates a strong invincible nation.

Islam emphasizes a lot  on the importance of unity through Tawhīd (affirming to the oneness of God Almighty), a term which also encompasses unity among humankind. Allāh also teaches us many messages that protray unity in the Qur’ān.  For example, he speaks about not dividing humans into sections by dismantling apartheid.

In various Islamic reports, it is narrated that Islām is the greatest unifying source in the world. It is a religion for all humans, regardless of their colour, race, or even language. Islām tolerates other religions and exhorts Muslims to respect and protect each and every soul.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) narrated to us: “Every single human being is from to Ādam (peace and blessings upon him), and Adam was made from clay”. (Al-Jāmī ‘ al-saghīr: 6368)

The Qur’ān discusses the concept of unity on three levels:

1. Unity of Humanity

The first level is the unity of humanity which was expressed in the Quran in many verses, one of which is  in Surat Hujurat: “O mankind, we have created you from a male, and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so you may (meet) and acknowledge one another. Verily the most honourable among you in the sight of Allah Almighty is one with piety”. ( Qur’ān, Al Hujurāt:13)


2. Unity with the People of the Books

The second level is unity of the people of the books (Christians and Jews). The Qur’ān speaks out saying, “O people of the book, unite upon a word which is similar between us and you (as confirmed in divine scriptures) that we worship none but Allah, associate no partners with him, and that none of us will take other entities as lords”. (Qur’ān, Āl-‘Imrān: 64)


3. Unity of the Muslim Nation

The final level of unity is unity amongst Muslims. The ayah that symbolizes this is in Surah Āl-‘Imrān: “(Oh Muslims) hold firmly to the rope of Allāh (Qur’ān, Allāh’s obedience) and do not create divisions among yourselves”. (Qur’ān, Āl-‘Imrān: 103)

These are just three out of the many verses in the Qur’ān which enlighten us with regards to the importance of peace and unity among one and all. May Allāh bless our souls with grace, tolerance and love for one another. Āmīn!

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