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Welcome #Ramadan| Imam Mazhar Mahmood

A brief welcome #Ramadan message from Imam Mazhar Mahmood rendered in #Moline Illinois. May the Almighty grant you all goodness & prosperity!

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Kamloops Imam Getting Ready To Leave

This is an interview when Imam Mazhar Mahmood was preparing to leave Kamloops. Kamloops is his town at heart and he will always love the community of Kamloops.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message 15|Lost Keys At TCC #Kamloops!

Imam Mazhar Mahmood loses his car keys at the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops…then something interesting happens.

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Imam Mazhar|At City Hall With Mr. Donovan Cavers

Imam Mazhar Mahmood met up with Kamloops City Counsellor, Donovan Cavers who took him on a visit to City Hall.

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Imam Mazhar|Touring CFJC Today #Kamloops

Imam Mazhar Mahmood takes a tour at CFJC Today with reporters who he was connected with during his term in Kamloops

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Imam Mazhar Mahmood|Reflection At Wells Grey Park

A brief reflection recorded at one of the water falls at Wells Grey Provincial Park, which is #DesignedByAllah.
Be thankful to the Almighty and recognize Him. He is indeed the one and only genuine creator of the heavens and the earth.

Watch, share and reflect inshā’Allāh!

May Allāh Almighty bless us with goodness. Āmīn

Recorded by Sulaimān Al Mansoor

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #13: Lessons From Orange-Peel/Olive Oil Candles

We can learn lessons from everyting and any thing. Imam Mazhar Mahmood briefly speaks about knowledge which is contained within orange-peel/olive oil candles.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #12: Glimpses From #AMJA2016

Imam Mazhar Mahmood shares glimpses from his journey to Chicago for the 13th annual AMJA conference. Great friends, profound Scholars and a journey worth cherishing.

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Imam Mazhar|Snapchat Message #11: TRU Law Conference & Profound Conversations With Dennis Edney

Imam Mazhar Mahmood highlights the importance of acquiring various forms of knowledge and talents. He presents a glimpse of the TRU Law conference, and shares some important messages from discussions with Dennis Edney.


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